The residential market in Pembroke Pines, Florida, has been typical of what has been occurring across the nation. New sales dropped off after the 2009 Recession started, dipping the local market to its bottom trough by 2011. However, since then, Pembroke’s attractiveness as a place to buy a home has been rising, restoring at least two-thirds of its previous market strength by 2015. Interestingly, the actual sales activity has been fairly steady without extreme fluctuation. The Pembroke Pines real estate market is strong.

Some might think that’s a negative signal, but in fact its a very good one. A steady pattern means that Pembroke Pines’ turnover and growth has been managed in a very stable manner, avoiding runaway growth that can quickly turn into commute nightmares, insufficient support infrastructure to match exploding demand, and crime issues. Instead, a stable, steady growth pattern has allowed the City to stay at pace with needs, making it easier for the infrastructure to keep Pembroke attractive and desirable a place to live with plenty of Pembroke Pines homes for sale and Pembroke Pines homes for rent available.

Pembroke Pines is one of those locations that prides itself on having the benefits of a big town but also a small town feel and look. Residents enjoy the ability to learn and know each other and connect far better than larger communities but without the commute problems, the compaction, and the sprawl. Instead, folks living in the Pines enjoy a welcoming and friendly home, according to the City, which includes opportunities for both residents, families and businesses to set down roots.

Because of its residential diversity, Pembroke Pines has a well-balanced mix of young singles, growing families and seniors, all of home share and make the Pines a desirable home versus just another neighborhood or bedroom town.

The real estate in the location is augmented by multiple parks regularly maintained and supported by the city, additional recreation courses for pedestrians, bicyclists, sports and more. Dedicated fields are also available for rec sports, music events and big group picnics or events as well. And there is always activity because the weather in Pembroke Pines is favorable and sunny most days of the year.

For resident pastime, Pembroke also has a good balance of entertainment businesses as well as cultural events. The town is home to both a full school system as well as a handful of universities too.

For those who need to commute, Pembroke Pines has quick access county routes, highways and interstate freeways, allowing short travel connection to most of South Florida with very little effort.

All of the above has served the community well, winning the town desired awards such as the “All America City,” ranking in the top “100 Best Places to Live,” as well as in the “Most Integrated Communities” in the state. Finally, Pembroke Pines scored the big title as the foremost location for families to raise their kids in Florida, a very hard ranking to earn based on resident satisfaction.

For those looking to move to South Florida, Pembroke Pines should definitely be considered and you should contact a South Florida real estate agent as soon as possible.

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