Pembroke Pines is a city in Broward County, Florida with a population of 160,306 people according to the 2012 census. The city’s motto is Join Us- Progress with Us. The city gives its residents accessibility to primary highways and inter states, parks, golf courses and commercial destinations.

The business market in Pembroke Pines is conducive for businesses and industries. This is because the city prides itself in being the premier retail destination in south Florida. The city has over 8 million square feet of retail space and is home to great shopping centers such as the Shops of Pembroke gardens which are the first south Florida lifestyle centre.

The city also has an industrial park that is nearly 600,000 square feet that is divided into three. All this is dedicated to industrial development. Apart from that there are also office parks in the area. Pembroke Pines has multiple office complexes that can meet your business needs from general office to medical uses.

The area is known for its medical industry which is well established. The industry is so attractive that Stemtech International Inc, a stem cell nutrition company decided to move its international headquarters and manufacturing/R&D laboratory to Pembroke Pines. The Food Industry in the city is also a plus. It is diverse with many restaurants in the area offering various cuisines including but not limited to that, Japanese even Puerto Rican.

The statistics show on how the city is definitely growing. The information shows that from 2009 to 2014 the population grew by 6.9% from 154,019 to 164,626. The rise in the population comes to no surprise because Pembroke touts itself to be a great place to raise your family. Pembroke also has low unemployment rates, the rates are at 3.96% and 3.29% for Males and females respectively.

The Health care and Social Assistance Industry is the strongest on the city. Statistics show that it leads in terms of number of people it employs. The industry leads by employing 15.64% of the population in the area closely followed by the retail trade Industry that employs 12.25% of the population in the city.

The market trend in the city will be viewed in terms of the real estate market. The home sale inventories in the area on the month of August had increased by 14%. The median listing price in the city dropped from August to September. In total there were 36 price increases and 216 price decreases.

Many tech companies are moving into the area as well. One tech-related company that small to mid & large businesses use to market to the local area is Pembroke Pines SEO experts Elite Rank Media who are considered the top Miami Marketing company in Florida and are an award winning Plastic Surgery Marketing service provider.

Pembroke Pines is growing and residents are flocking to live in such a beautiful part of South Florida.

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